Collaborative Ethnomedicinal Research in Africa

On August 7, 2020 by Surfing Medicine

Click the image to read the internationally peer reviewed publication:

Ragosta, S., Harris, I., Gyakari, N., Otoo, E., & Asase, A. (2015). Participatory Ethnomedicinal Cancer Research with Fante-Akan Herbalists in Rural Ghana. Ethnobiology Letters, 6(1), 66-79.


(Pictured above) Sister Ivelyn Harris, direct descendant of Queen Nanny of the Maroons, joins Surfing Medicine International 501(c)(3) to conduct Indigenous led research in Ghana with Ethnobotanist Dr. Summer Ragosta and traditional Fante herbalists that use plants to treat cancer. Peer reviewed research project funded by Surfing Medicine International charity album sales.

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  • samuel sackey

    were very happy to receive at ODO PEE HERBAL RESEARCH AND LEARNING CENTER. we are ever ready to collaborate with your team to research into herbs that cure cancer and the HIV/AIDS. we are looking forward to hear from you soon . our aim is to document all the essential herbs needed for humanity and preserve them.

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